From Farm Industry News:

Global Harvest Initiative, a private-sector policy voice for productivity growth in agriculture, this week released its annual GAP Report, which showed a slowdown in growth for the second year in a row, pointing to a need for continued investments in public and private innovations.

According to the 2015 report, the current rate of growth is only 1.72 percent, whereas a rate of 1.75 percent annually is needed to meet the demands of a growing population that will reach 9.7 billion in 2050.

“The imperative to improve productivity and food security has never been more urgent,” says Dr. Margaret Zeigler, executive director of the Global Harvest Initiative at this year’s World Food Prize gathering. “Together we must nearly double the output of food feed fiber and fuel by 2050 to meet the rising demand of a booming middle class.”

Harness the potential of precision agriculture, and combine it with advances in seed, fertilizer and bio-agriculture technologies to “farm smart and conserve smart.” To take advantage of precision agriculture, broadband access needs to be farm-wide, requiring that high-speed broadband services are extended across rural areas.

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