Max Pollett, Master Grower with The Flower Collective, a premier wholesale cannabis cultivator, knows the importance of efficiency and consistency when it comes to maintaining their brand.

“We designed our facility and operations to be at the leading edge of efficiency and technology. What we were trying to do would never have been possible without the Grownetics sensing and automation platform to tie it all together. Their team went above and beyond to deliver a custom solution that matched our exact requirements.

With our system design, full facility automation, and by tying together all sub-systems we’re seeing over 60% reduced system operating costs. In addition, high resolution sensing and tight controls allow our plant canopy to stay within 2 degrees fahrenheit and 3% relative humidity, that’s consistency.

Finally, with the custom alerts and remote facility control I’m able to relax and sleep easy at night, my facility will literally call me if anything is out of range. Grownetics has everything I need in one package, I highly recommend their services.”

– Max Pollett, The Flower Collective