As the newest member of the Grownetics team (focusing on business development and outreach), I want to introduce myself and share why I am excited to join this talented team in building a stronger, more efficient agricultural system.

My background is in sustainable food systems, and I hold an M.A. from New York University in Environmental Education. I have been a community organizer in New York City gardens, done marketing for a startup restaurant concept in NYC, and have gotten my hands dirty working on an organic farm in Connecticut. Before joining the Grownetics team, I worked with sustainable farmers across the country facilitating legal education and building a network of resilient farm businesses with a nonprofit. I am passionate about exploring sustainable food system challenges and solutions from all angles.

Throughout all my various experiences, I kept coming up against the same question: how are we going to feed the growing global population while reducing the environment footprint of agriculture at the same time? I moved to Boulder from NYC this spring seeking true, results-driven solutions to this complex problem. I was thrilled to discover Grownetics and a team that is not only committed to solving the world’s agricultural inefficiencies, but has the data to prove they can. By combining state of the art cultivation techniques with the latest in software/hardware optimization, Grownetics is poised to deliver the best food and medicine sustainably at scale.

Grownetics has already done an incredible job developing the tools to optimize indoor agriculture, decreasing energy and water usage and labor costs while increasing crop productivity and quality. What I’m excited about is taking this work and applying it to sustainable development projects across the globe.

Grownetics is the future of food, and the answer to many of the questions I have been grappling with over the past few years. An additional benefit is that I get to work with a team of people who are as easy-going as they are smart and hard-working, and who recognize that sometimes the best ideas come during a hike in the Flatirons or over a good meal. I look forward to continuing to update you, our community, with our progress in growing more food, more efficiently, and even having some fun along the way.


  • Laura Fisher