The Grownetics mission is to grow sustainable medicine and food, at scale. Last week in Tel Aviv, we were able to dive into both of these areas and explore some of the most exciting and innovative developments in cannabis and agriculture.

After a fascinating day at the Cann10 Medical Marijuana Conference, Eli and I were able to take a tour of Yarok Bair – translation: Green in the City – an urban farming complex on a shopping mall rooftop right in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Lior from Yarok Bair showed us both the commercial side of the farm, which supplies fresh and local produce to Tel Aviv restaurants, as well as the educational component. Visitors to the educational farm can learn about various agricultural techniques, see aquaponic and hydroponic systems in action through a partnership with LivinGreen, and witness sustainable development projects as they unfold.

One example is this Home Biogas system, designed for use in developing countries:

The user places organic material in on the left side if the machine and grinds it down using a small lever. The bacteria at the bottom of the tank decomposes the material and traps the methane produced by the process. That methane is then used to power the burner on the right-hand side. A compact, off-the-grid, and user-friendly way to turn food waste into clean energy!


Grownetics will be back in Tel Aviv next week to continue to explore the agriculture technology sector as part of the AgriVest conference and tour. We are looking forward to seeing more innovation in action and integrating Grownetics into the mix. Thank you again to Lior and the Yarok Bair team!