A new study released this week breaks down the savings and efficiency gains cannabis cultivators can expect to see when fully optimizing their facilities with Grownetics. The case study, put out by the University of Colorado Leed’s School of Business associated research team, Entrepreneurial Solutions, breaks down gains into four main categories: Lighting/Energy, Water Usage, and Labor Costs.

Overall, the study concludes that cultivators can expect cost savings between $444K and $22 Million per year.

We break down the major findings below, but you can check out the full study here:

Full Report: Entrepreneurial Solutions – Grownetics Operational Savings.pdf


Lighting Energy Cost Savings


Water Cost Savings

Through hydroponics and dehumidification re-capture Grownetics enables water cost savings of 42-94% when compared to an analog hand-watered grow.


Labor Cost Savings

  • Grownetics delivers a 27.75% decrease in cost of production due to decreased labor costs and increased efficiency in nutrient dosing, hand watering, data logging, and analysis
  • Data logging is a massive area of labor savings, decreasing the amount of hours spent logging data by 50%


These savings translate into overall cost savings of $444,239 – 22,211,955.25 per year, depending on the size of the grow operation.

Grownetics is proud to offer growers such massive savings in labor costs and energy usage and to help our clients grow the highest quality cannabis sustainability and at scale.

To learn more about Grownetics, check out this short introductory video.