Grownetics is dedicated to raising the bar for technology in agriculture by developing the most advanced methods for crop optimization. We were recently featured in the Daily Camera as one of four Boulder-based tech companies that are focused on integrating artificial intelligence into our everyday lives.

“Because the margins on cannabis are larger than other commodity crops, companies can afford to use artificial intelligence to increase their yields.” -Eli Duffy, Grownetics CEO

Using our hardware and software, we are able to collect and analyze massive amounts of cultivation data such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and nutrient recipes. By automatically correlating all this data to each individual plant we are not only able automate the grow but optimize it. Optimization in this context means utilizing the data collected to better understand how different strains of Cannabis grow in different environmental conditions. By understanding how a variety or strain grow best, cultivators are able to tailor their facility’s grow rooms to increase yield, potencies, and quality of their product while decreasing the amount of energy, labor, and water being used.

Michelle Wright, Nick Busey and Vince Harkiewicz (Photo by Lewis Geyer / Daily Camera Staff Photographer)


We are thrilled to be working on the cutting edge of indoor agricultural technology and are always looking for ways to ensure Cannabis cultivation is reliable, efficient, and manageable.