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Grow the best food and medicine sustainably, at scale.


Grownetics was founded to optimize how every plant is grown. We've dedicated our lives to inventing a future where Grownetics leads the world in advanced crop analytics and hyper-efficient indoor cultivation. As our global population skyrockets and food cleanliness, shortages, and pollution become an ever increasing problem indoor cultivation will need to supplement large scale outdoor farming. Todays options are severely lacking which is why we've built the world's first fully integrated, hardware agnostic, CEA optimization platform. Welcome to the future of Grow Intelligence.

Competently monetize real-time human capital whereas interdependent innovation. Rapidiously build world-class mindshare and enabled action items. Efficiently empower team building process improvements for ubiquitous outsourcing.

Hyper Efficient Cultivation Systems

Maximum ROI starting day 1. Grownetics powers the most advanced and efficient indoor farms in the world. Our research based approach and industry leading integration partners give you a leg up in an ever changing market.

Intelligent Automation & Workflow Design

We know automation. The Grownetics fully integrated sensing and automation platform makes cultivation ops a breeze. Grownetics Recipe’s integrate batch scheduling, task management, audit procedures, climate set point, and costing into one easy to optimize cultivation model.

Open Platform

Grownetics adapts to your vision of the future. That’s why we designed Grownetics as an open integration platform so you can feel free to upgrade sensors and systems as new technology comes on the market.


Our dedicated team is driven by a passion for innovation. Each member brings unique strengths that together allow us to rapidly bring new technologies and solutions to this rapidly evolving market.


  • Eli Duffy


    Eli Duffy is a serial entrepreneur with startup experience, as well as military and commercial cultivation experience. He knows where this industry is today, and where it needs to be tomorrow.

  • Vince Harkiewicz


    Vincent Harkiewicz is a multi talented entrepreneur, industrial designer, and sourcing specialist. He spent 6 years in China running a sourcing and industrial design company where he developed home automation products and consumer electronics. He has seen first hand the damaging effects of pollution in the air, food, and water.

  • Nick Busey


    Nick Busey is a hardware and software guru and Boulder startup legend. He began programming in the fourth grade and had his first paying client by grade six. His ability to build lean, scalable, real-world solutions that cross the software hardware divide are second to none.

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