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Complete 2017 Product & Services Catalog

The Future of Grow Intelligence

3D Crop Sensor Array

Our high-resolution crop sensing platform centers around our 3D Crop Sensor Array. A multitude of sensors can be linked to one 3D Crop Sensor array, our standard offering comes with 2x Temp, 2x Humidity and 1x CO2 sensor. We have the option to integrate PAR as well as soil moisture.

Nutrient Sensor Array

Our Nutrient Sensor Array is capable of monitoring pH, DO, EC, temp and Flow. Multiple configurations are available depending on your goals. Multiple reservoirs can be linked to one Array. With our open middleware we can always integrate the latest sensors on the market. Make sure your grow is future proof!


Full Facility Automation

Our custom mapped dashboard lets you see what’s going on in your facility spatially in real-time. We can integrate any sub-system into our open automation platform.

High Resolution Crop Sensing

3D crop sensing allows us to track live and historical conditions around each individual plant. Run your sub-systems and get micro climate control based on what’s happening in your canopy, not on the wall.

24*7*365 Alerts

Get a phone call and SMS if anything gets out of range. Chiller problems? We setup a custom alert. Automated 24*7*365 alerting included by default.

Resilient & Secure by Design

Our resilient on-site server array means your facility can operate with or without an outside network connection. Granted, with our triple redundant internet connection that’s not likely to happen either.

Batch Management & Analytics

Set custom rules and track live or historical data for every plant by batch. Link zone based environmental recipes to strain for optimal yield. Easily replicate success.

Full Support

We install, train, and maintain. Let us worry about the tech and hardware so you can focus on growing your best.