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Microclimate Monitoring & Alerting, Full Facility Automation, Enterprise Cultivation Management



Start with Microclimate monitoring and get a indoor weather map of your cultivation facility. No more lists and lists of sensors to monitor with no sense of what’s where. Get automated SMS and Phone Call alerts. Basic alerts via SMS, Emergency alerts escalate to a phone call.



Link microclimate monitoring to full facility automation. Run your HVAC and environmental controls from the plant canopy environment. Advanced lighting control includes spectral tuning of LED’s and dimming. Link HVAC with lighting for emergency shutoff if equipment fails. Integrate fertigation and irrigation into one easy to use platform. Remote controls and monitoring from anywhere in the world.



Plan crop production schedules, assign tasks, and optimize by variety. Link microclimate data and tasks to every plant grown for the most sophisticated cultivation management suite in the world. Batch reports show best performing plants and include custom integrations for complete facility and crop metrics.

Sense & Monitor
Facility Microclimate Map
High Resolution Sensing
Automated Alerting SMS & Phone
Cloud Data Backup
Support for 1 User
Open Automation Platform
Custom Sub-system Rules
Hyper Efficient Solutions
Upgrade HVAC
Equipment Monitoring & Alerting
Support for 3 Users
LED Spectral Control
Emergency Failover Modes
Farm Management
Individual Plant Tracking
Crop Logistics
User and Task Management
Variety Specific Workflow Automation
Unlimited Users
Aggregated Batch Stats
Reports & Analytics
Compliance Integrations
SOP Management
Document Management
Enterprise Cultivation Suite
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Unlimited Sensors
Unlimited Users
Full Facility Automation
Process Automation
Multi Site Management
Custom Hardware Integrations
Custom Software Integrations
24x7x365 White Glove Support
Compliance Integration
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