Intelligent Cultivation Systems

Grownetics is the most advanced cultivation management system for greenhouses and indoor farms. We combine high resolution crop sensing, open automation systems, and individual plant tracking from clone to cure so you can make sure you're growing better every single harvest.

3D Microclimate Mapping

Our high resolution crop sensor network gives you a micro-climate weather map of your greenhouse or indoor farm. Combine that with our mapped interface and now you’ve got data in context. 24/7/365 on call support and automated phone, sms, and email alerting gives you peace of mind.

Open Automation & Remote Management

Our open integration platform ties together all cultivation sub-systems saving time and improving quality and yield. Grownetics introduces a new automation paradigm with batch specific controls recipe’s and the most flexible controls platform on the market.

Plant Tracking & Task Management

With automated plant tracking built in we make batch and plant audits a breeze. Our batch specific workflows make implementing SOPs simple and intuitive for new hire’s. Our operations wiki transforms SOP’s into living documents.

Operate Anywhere

Our mapped interface and workflow automation is the key to easy remote operations. Manage multiple sites from anywhere in the world. Automated workflows and batch specific automation recipe’s work the way you do. Built in chat allows your team to communicate on-site and off-site ensuring everyone is sharing the same data and ensuring tasks get done seamlessly.

Research Grade Sensing & Crop Analytics Platform

Full Facility Integration

  • Custom High Efficiency Solutions
  • Open Sensor Network
  • Open Automation Platform
  • HVAC Controls Upgrades
  • LED Spectral Lighting Control
  • PAR Sensor Based Dimming

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