Grow the best food and medicine, sustainably, at scale.

Optimize every microclimate, every plant, and every cultivation system, with no hardware lock in. Grow beyond data, grow with insight.

Your Crop Translator

We speak VPD, DLI,
CO2, PAR, EC, pH,
and more.

Garbage in, garbage out. Do you know what your plants are experiencing? Here’s a hint, it’s not what your automation system is telling you. Increase precision by 10-20x with 3D microclimate mapping, and the latest sensor technologies with no hardware lock-in.

  • Multilevel canopy sensing
  • Substrate monitoring
  • 6 mile wireless range
  • 5-10 year battery life
  • Open platform

Automate mission-critical operations and task management with our workflow and SOP management tools. Compare and analyze cultivars and strains batch over batch, every single harvest with our automated crop analytics & reporting tools. Manage and measure every aspect of cultivation to ensure you’re growing optimally.

The Three Things to Optimize Growth

1. Canopy Zone
2. Root Zone
3. Who Did What When

Optimizing growth, or crop steering, is the art of balancing all the levers we have in controlled environment ag (CEA). By optimizing cultivation systems and cultivar/strain selection you get record breaking yields and quality.

If you’re not collecting and correlating canopy data, root zone data, and  task data to every plant and batch, you’re not getting the full picture.

The Perfect Grow

Reduce Costs, Maximize Yield

Grownetics was built for those in search of the perfect grow. Get the most out of your existing facility or dial in a new build. Our customers regularly see 20-30% yield increases through greater consistency and by optimizing microclimate to every batch and strain.

Stop throwing more people at the problem and give your growers x-ray vision into every aspect of the cultivation. Dramatically reduce labor costs and disease vectors with wireless monitoring and custom alerts.

Fully integrate and optimize all cultivation sub-systems into one easy to use dashboard. Future proof your operations by leveraging our open architecture which integrates with any sensor and any control system.

What are you doing with your sensor data? Save dozens of hours a month by linking all data to plants and batches automatically. This makes reviewing success or challenges easier than ever. Go beyond alerts and charts (we have those too) and leverage your data for continuous improvement, strain selection, pheno hunting, and facility optimization.  Other sensors and monitoring systems have charts but none give you what you need, context. Interested in applying AI and Machine Learning to your data? Speak to one of our consultants and develop your data driven growing strategy.

6+ Billion

data points correlated

grownetics app task view
grownetics batch charts

Awards & Testimonials

“Wonderful customer service, some amazing features that help us pinpoint problems from HVAC to CO2. We love it up here!” – Spencer Fuller, Dalwhinnie Farms
“Great equipment and software for controlled environment agriculture. Grownetics has helped us build custom solutions to create a more efficient work environment. Great team to work with.” – Cody Monroe, Director of Cultivation
“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Grownetics team for many months now and have found their advice and depth of knowledge in controlled environment growing to be really top notch. Their recommended upgrades to our existing greenhouse have been spot on and budget friendly.” – Paul Quinn,  CEO Twin Peaks Cannabis
2016 Winners of the Denver Post Cannabist Award for Best Technology Startup.

Any Crop, Any Cultivation System

Measure what Matters

VPD, DLI, PAR, CO2, EC, pH, and more. Integrate any sensor into our next-get wireless monitoring platform.

3D Microclimate Mapping

Our 3D crop sensor network maps microclimate above and below the plant canopy for highest accuracy canopy monitoring

Individual Plant & Batch Tracking

Track and trace every plant and every batch down to room, bench, tray, or rack location.

Variety Specific Production Recipes

Define Workflow and SOP templates for every cultivar you grow.

Crop Analytics

All data from every sensor linked to each plant and batch automatically.

Multi-Site Management

Optimize accross one site or many. Our generic zone types and cultivar database help you share the keys to success accross all your locations.

Never Worry About Your Farm Again

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