Cannabis cultivators leading innovation in large scale controlled environment farming.

BOULDER, Colo. – Oct 21, 2019 – Grownetics announces new customer partnership with multi-state Cannabis brand Dr. Robb Farms. Grownetics will provide full crop analytics and data telemetry on every aspect of cultivation across all facilities. Dr Robb Farms plans to deploy over 1 million sqft of hyper efficient hybrid indoor farms over the next few years.

Grownetics develops smart farm technology for urban farms and greenhouse cultivators. Their crop analytics, automation, and management platform empower some of the most advanced and efficient cultivation facilities in North America. Primarily targeting the burgeoning cannabis industry, Grownetics’ fully integrated cultivation platform tracks and analyses all sensor data, control systems, and tasks to understand what’s leading to maximum yields and efficiency, every single harvest. 

“This project highlights our team’s dedication to a farmer first product that doesn’t shy away from technology. Dr. Robb Farms is uniquely suited to take full advantage of our cultivation management and analytics platform. It’s these visionary operators who have a dedication to rigorous science and creative engineering who will be the leaders of this new controlled environment ag movement. By implementing continuous improvement management programs driven by contextual data, and the latest sensing and automation tools, these companies will uncover innovations others might not for years, if ever.” – Vince Harkiewicz, Grownetics Co-Founder & CEO.

Grownetics is the only smart farming platform for large commercial greenhouses and indoor farms that automatically links any sensors data to every plant grown. With the cannabis industry expected to reach over $66 billion in 2025 farms are expanding all over the world to supply consumers with the high quality cannabis products they expect. However, growing the many varieties of this plant at scale has proven to be a daunting challenge. With little to no best practices in place those who can harness the power of data and continuous improvement will quickly differentiate themselves.

Dr. Robert Flannery, CEO of Dr. Robb Farms had this to share. “The difference with Grownetics is that it’s not just some software company from another industry.  They understand how growers think, and they’re working with true data scientists, people who understand the data. Then they’re handing this back to the farmer who owns the data and over time that could become incredibly valuable. Grownetics truly empathizes with the cultivator. Another thing is what new discoveries we’ll find hidden in all this information. Machine learning and AI can help us discover new relationships between abiotic and biotic growth factors and how they influence a plants genetic expression. Without the Grownetics open data and analytics platform it would be very difficult to do.”

If you’re a commercial cultivator and would like to apply for a free consultation please reach out to us via the Request A Quote link here or on our Contact page. If you’re looking to invest and be a part of the future of farming you can contact Vince directly at vince.h[at]