The Future of Farming is Open

Enabling the next generation of smart farms while supporting farmers in growing every plant better, every single harvest.

Growing clean high quality food and natural medicine is in everyone's best interest, which is why grow technology should be open by default. With urbanization skyrocketing and food supply chains breaking new models of hyper efficient farming are necessary. Grownetics leverages open innovation to rapidly develop the most advanced and efficient living systems to empower a new generation of smart farms and cities.

Grownetics CMP

Maximum ROI starting day 1. Grownetics powers the most advanced and efficient indoor farms in the world. Our research based approach and industry leading integration partners give you a leg up in an ever changing market.

Open Source

Farming should be open by default. Grownetics gives every farmer access to the latest in efficient cultivation tools.  Check out our open source on gitlab , join our community chat on Zulip, or  OpenCEA forum at

Open Plant Project

The Open Plant Project (OPP) is a collective effort between public and private institutions to create a world-wide crop database of cultivation methods and environmental data to collectively discover how to grow every plant optimally.


We're a team of passionate cultivators, engineers, developers and scientists. We've made it our mission to develop an open cultivation platform that helps indoor and CEA farmers grow maximum quality and efficiency at scale.


  • Vincent Harkiewicz

    Co-Founder, CEO

  • Nick Busey

    Co-Founder, CTO

Science & Research

  • Chief Data Scientist

  • Cristian Mendoza

    AI & Applied Mathematics

Developers & Contributors

As our global population skyrockets and food cleanliness, shortages, and pollution are becoming an ever increasing problem. Indoor cultivation will need to supplement large scale outdoor farming to bring food closer to cities with better use of land, no pesticides, and less waste. Todays options are severely lacking which is why we've built the world's first fully integrated, hardware agnostic, CEA optimization platform. Welcome to the future of Grow Intelligence.