Give your data meaning by linking everything
to yields and test results. Watch the video
to learn how Grownetics empowers
commercial cultivators by putting it all in context.

Every monitoring and controls system has historical charts to one degree or another, Grownetics is the only cultivation management platform that gives you plant resolution historical batch data from every sensor in your grow. We don’t limit the amount or type of data you can collect for your research or production logs. Upload notes, structured data, photo’s, yields. Need custom reports and integrations? We got you covered.

Save Time With Contextual Batch Data and Reports.

Open Middleware

Open middleware is a lot like a universal translator. It speaks all the sensor lingo so you don’t have to rely on any one sensor company delivering you the data you need.

I2C, Analog, Wifi, LoraWAN, API

No matter the protocol we’ve got you covered. No vendor lock in means ultimate flexibility in your data acquisition. Ask us about our unique sensing solutions for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, crop growth, biomass, and more.

High Resolution Sensor Networks

Bring together thousands of sensors in a unified platform and correlate historical data to every plant grown. Our unique sensor map helps make data contextual while custom alerts proactively notify.