Integrate all cultivation controls to the open sensor network
and microclimate mapping platform. Checkout the indoor
weather map in the video below to see the most intuitive
cultivation monitoring system on the market.

The Grownetics open automation platform links cultivation controls to standard building management systems. We engineer custom controls packages for some of the most efficient cultivation facilities in the world. From spectral lighting control to high efficiency lighting and HVAC solutions, we tie it all into one integrated platform.

Sensors & Control Integrations

Hardware Agnostic

Our automation platform and rules engine are hardware agnostic. By linking high resolution crop sensing to any HVAC system we’re able to run your cultivation zones much more accurately. Run your cultivation environment off the plant canopy, not a thermostat on the wall.

Full Facility Automation & Alerting

Monitor equipment facility wide. Tie together all sub systems into one unified automation system. Drive variety specific cultivation set points for bigger yields. Get an automated phone call from Grownetics should any critical alerts be triggered. Text message and dashboard alerts customizable to your liking.

Custom Automation Solutions

Custom control solutions for research projects to large scale controlled environment agriculture. We deploy industry standard UL listed control solutions for the most efficient greenhouses and urban farms. Grownetics speaks Modbus, BACNET, TCP/IP and more.

Argus, Wadsworth, Carrier, Trane?

Already have a controls solution? No worries, we integrate with everyone and already have API links with Argus, BACnet, Modbus and any other controls protocol you can think of. Super charge your existing control solutions with our high resolution sensor network or just link your existing sensors and controls to our mapped dashboard and batch/cultivar database.

Spectral Lighting Control

Grownetics is one of the few companies to incorporate spectral lighting controls. If you’re LED have the ability for per channel dimming we can put them on a recipe. Couple this with in Canopy PAR sensors and you’ve got real time dimming based on spectrum. Far red, UV, blue light recipe’s are all at your disposal.

Large Scale Crop Logistics

We work with the most advanced gantry and crop logistics automation providers in the world. From large scale vertical automation systems to multi-acre palatalized cultivation lines. Grow 10 acres with a dozen people and realize the dream of clean room cultivation at scale.