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3D Microclimate Mapping

Indoor growing is different. We’re dealing with Lights, HVAC, Fans, Ducts, Vertical Racks. Environment stratification between lights is a real issue which is why we start with 3D Microclimate Mapping. Our open sensor platform tracks real time environment from canopy to root to reservoir and runoff. Choose grownetics for your next production facility, research project, or living building. Achieve high definition multi level environmental mapping at an affordable cost.

Long Range Wireless Sensors

For maximum flexibility leverage the latest selection of long range wireless sensors. Built with the latest standards in SmartCity and IoT, our new wireless sensor options come standard with up to 6 mile range and 10 year battery life.

Take advantage of our industry leading microclimate mapping tools with zero infrastructure costs. Stop wasting your precious time and start correlating sensor data to plants and batches today.


Automate plant tracking and crop audits with our QR, RFID, or Barcode based solutions. 2D Codes and real time RFID mapping options available to 3′ resolution.

Ask about our Metrc RFID tag compatible scanners for cannabis cultivators.

All New

Maximum Flexibility
Up to 6 mile (10km) range
Up to 10yr battery life



Temperature, Relative Humidity, Light, Movement, Leak Sensor, Window/Door Open/Close. Battery and universal mount included. PIR option available (shown)

Multi CO2


CO2, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure

SoilMulti EC


Volumetric Water Content, Soil Temperature, Electrical Conductivity. Optional SD card logging

Outdoor Temp & RH


Temperature, Relative Humidity, Radiation Shield (Stevenson Screen)


Open Sensor Platform
No Hardware Lock In
VPD, NPK, DO, & More.

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