Growing the best food and medicine is your passion,
building an open and lean farming platform is ours.
Our mission is to support cultivators with the latest tools to
grow every plant better, every single harvest.

Indoor cultivation and CEA give us new tools to tease out rarely expressed phenotypes and chemovars, but understanding the network effect of all growth variables accross many cultivars is quite an undertaking. We've developed a deep learning algorithm to help tease out these relationships and offer site specific controls recipe's based on real yield data from your operations.
Multi site management and generic production recipes provide you with unique opportunities to learn across many different facilities. Link all data and workflows to every crop grown giving easy delivery of consistent pharmaceutical grade productions. Repeat success with grownetics production recipes, push variety specific controls from one building to the next from anywhere in the world.

A Platform for Continuous Improvement

Grownetics provides a flexible framework for you to implement variety specific production recipe's that track ideal and actual processes, set points, and environments for every harvest you grow. We're working on more in depth costing and labor tracking so help drive even more complete cost and efficiency models for your business. Sign up to join our beta testing team to have your input heard. Do you want to be the first to hear about our new products and features? Sign up for our newsletter.

HVAC Audits & Upgrades

Our plant 3D canopy monitoring network is perfectly suited to diagnose and address the unique challenges of indoor and vertical cultivation. Traditional HVAC systems are primarily designed for human occupancy and not plant transpiration rates. Work with our experts to deliver crop driven controls as well as system or code upgrades for the most efficient HVAC operations.

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