Next Gen
Grow Sensors

5-10 year battery life
Up to 6 mile (10km) range
Zero Touch Provisioning
Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse



Soil Moisture, Soil Temp, Air Temp, Air Relative Humidity, Light (LUX).

Multi CO2


CO2, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure

SoilMulti EC


Volumetric Water Content, Soil Temperature, Electrical Conductivity. Optional SD card logging

Outdoor Temp & RH


Temperature, Relative Humidity, Radiation Shield (Stevenson Screen)

Temp & RH (IP65)


Temperature, Relative Humidity, Optional External Probe.

Wireless PAR


Wireless Sun Calibrated PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) Sensor. All Apogee PAR sensors compatible.

High Precision Temp & RH


Temperature, Relative Humidity. (Temp ± 0.2°C, RH ± 1.5% @ 0-90%)

Pathogen Sensor


Real time monitoring of Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Male Hemp/Cannabis Pollen. Aspergillus coming soon…

Combines elements of 4 pieces of laboratory equipment using optics and light fusion to obtain data on every particle captured. Data is transferred to our cloud servers (AWS) for analysis.


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Commercial cultivators get a free one hour consultation and demo with one of our CEA experts. Learn how to implement the the 3 things to optimize for yield and quality, canopy environment, root zone environment, and who did what when. We’ll walk you through the latest sensors and automation technology to grow your biggest harvests at the lowest cost.


Receive a custom implementation plan tailored to your farm and goals

Following your consultation we develop a proposal based on your specific goals and budget. We’ll help you select sensors, recommend placement based on environmental controls and bench layouts, and suggest data driven growing strategies you can implement right away.


Never worry about your farm again

With 3D micro-climate mapping and remote monitoring of every aspect of cultivation, you can rest assured that your plants are performing optimally and that you will be notified if conditions are less than ideal. Grow with the farm management platform designed to support continuous improvement of all aspects of cultivation.

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Open Sensor Platform
No Hardware Lock In
VPD, NPK, DO, & More.

Commercial cultivators are eligible for a free 1hr Grownetics consultation.