Smart Farm Consulting

Start with the most efficient cultivation systems on earth, add the most advanced crop analytics and management tools, and you've got next gen farming.


Build on the most advanced cultivation platform with the most efficient structures and automation technologies. We work with the best in class to deliver easy to customize modular turnkey smart farms. Whether you’re looking to scale up clean room cultivation with automated crop logistics, go vertical, or build out a pharmaceutical cultivation facility we’ve got you covered.

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Pharma/GMP Grade Hybrid Facilities
  • Best in Class Vendor Partners
  • Project Management

Greenhouse Microclimate Control

The biggest challenge for greenhouse cultivators is tight microclimate control. By pairing our high resolution crop monitoring with best in class greenhouse designs we can deliver micro climate control down to 900 square feet. For hybrid facilities we offer zero contamination with advanced filtration and HVAC as well as fully sealed structures with less than 2% vacuum loss. Near air-tight structures give you the amazing ability to leverage new gas based decontamination strategies ensuring clean consistent GMP certified product.

  • Simulate Any Environment on Earth
  • Advanced Non-Toxic Biosecurity Systems
  • Supplemental Spectral Control via LED
  • High resolution monitoring and control


Large sites with multiple facilities can be a challenge to optimize. Whether your growth strategies include, indoor, hybrid, and outdoor the Grownetics ECS spans the lot. Link all data and workflows to every crop grown giving easy delivery of consistent pharmaceutical grade production. Repeat success with grownetics production recipes, push variety specific controls from one building to the next from anywhere in the world.

  • Manage Greenhouses, Hybrid, or Indoor
  • Production Metrics and Ops in one tool
  • Cross Facility Optimization


Leverage best in class crop automation systems to deliver clean room cultivation at scale. Our vendor partners have been delivering automated crop logistics coupled with fertigation for over 20 years. Run 10 acres with a dozen cultivation staff to ensure maximum productivity with minimal contamination.

  • Advanced Crop Logistics
  • Vertical Cultivation Systems
  • Maximum Cubic Foot Productivity

Join the shift to AG 4.0 with a Grownetics powered smart farm

Start designing your ideal cultivation site with Grownetics next gen smart farms. Whether learning greenhouses, research facilities, or urban farms, we’ve got you covered.