3D Microclimate Maps
Crop Logistics
Workflow Automation
HVAC & Controls Integration

Growing high quality crops doesn’t have to be complicated but growing it at scale and continually improving quality and consistency can be. We built our production tools to help automate work and training into one highly automated platform. Implement SOPs and continuously share improvements with variety specific production recipes and workflows.

Commercial Cultivators & Researchers

Environmental Mapping, Alerting, Plant Data Correlation

Leverage our open-source digital farming platform to manage and monitor your grow in high resolution from anywhere in the world. Automatically link all sensor and control system data to every plant grown saving valuable time and money.

Large Scale Enterprise Cultivation

Custom solutions for quality and quantity at scale.

Grownetics customers grow with a half to a third the staff of a typical controlled environment farm. Give your growers super powers with our custom automation options and 3D high resolution crop monitoring accessible from anywhere in the world. Ask about our new wireless sensors for maximum flexibility indoor and out.

Batch & Plant Logistics

Open Platform

Grownetics adapts to your vision of the future. That’s why we designed Grownetics as an open integration platform so you can feel free to upgrade sensors and systems as new technology comes on the market.

Intelligent Automation & Workflow Design

We know automation. The Grownetics fully integrated sensing and automation platform makes cultivation ops a breeze. Grownetics Recipe’s integrate batch scheduling, task management, audit procedures, climate set point, and costing into one easy to optimize cultivation model.

Hyper Efficient Cultivation Systems

Maximum ROI starting from day one. Grownetics powers the most advanced and efficient indoor farms in the world. Our research based approach and industry leading integration partners give you a leg up in an ever changing market.

Fully integrate all cultivation sub-systems with our open-source smart farm management tools. Designed from the ground up for next gen enterprise cultivators looking to grow with maximum efficiency and quality at scale.

SOP & Document Management

Standard operating procedures fall by the wayside when access to them and updating them proves too cumbersome. Our living SOPs drive every aspect of cultivation keeping them front of mind and utilized as they should be. Our ops wiki makes updating SOPs a breeze while keeping all past revisions for easy comparison and fallback should new SOPs prove to be less effective.

Batch & Facility Audit Logs

Pharmaceutical cultivation, or pharming as we like to call it, requires rigorous process management and audit ability. Grownetics logs every action done by user giving a clear understanding of who did what when. With our equipment monitoring integrations we can also detect equipment malfunction before problems become critical. Leverage a unified ECS to deliver easy to manage audits and reporting.

Next Gen Farming

No other cultivation system in the world manages as much data, or is as flexible as Grownetics. By linking any sensor data, photo’s, notes, and task to every plant grown we deliver a first of it’s kind precision agriculture tool for CEA farmers and researchers. Through platform integrations with the most efficient sub-systems we deliver next generation efficiencies today. Give us a call to discuss your cultivation goals and we’ll tailor the platform to meet them.

Open Middleware

Open middleware is a lot like a universal translator. It speaks all the sensor lingo so you don’t have to rely on any one sensor company delivering you the data you need.

I2C, Analog, WiFi, LoraWAN, API

No matter the protocol we’ve got you covered. No vendor lock in means ultimate flexibility in your data acquisition. Ask us about our unique sensing solutions for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, crop growth, biomass, and more.

High Resolution Sensor Networks

Bring together thousands of sensors in a unified platform and correlate historical data to every plant grown. Our unique sensor map helps make data contextual while custom alerts proactively notify.

Traceability & Compliance

Grownetics already tracks everything you need to stay compliant, from real time plant locations to who did what when. Looking for METRC integration? Stay up to date on our latest developments by signing up for our newsletter below.